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alstry (< 20)

What Happens When America Finds Out????



December 30, 2009 – Comments (1)

The Benny The B unleashed the Zombultor upon the nation shutting down most of our ecnoomy.

When you take savings interest rates down to ZERO.....hundreds of billions that was earned on savings evaporates....POOF!!!!!

When you cut off credit to families and businesses.........trillions of dollars of revenues evaporate per year.....POOF.....POOF!!!!!!!!

When you permit banks  to borrow money for free and lie about their balance sheets.........they get to stay in business even though they are insolvent and have absolutely no incentive to loan money when defaults are exceeding the lending rates.

Basically, zombulation destroys cash flow, causes revenues to shrink, tax receipts to evaporate, businesses to shut down and families  to go bankrupt....while bankers laugh all the way to the bank.

YOU ACELLERATE THE ZOMBULATION EFFECT WHEN YOU  MAINTAIN BORROWING RATES......AND NOW LOOK WHAT HAS HAPPENING WHEN YOU PAY NOTHING ON SAVINGS AND INCRASE BORROWING RATES WHILE TIGHTENING CREDIT.......after a relatively short period of time, pretty much everthing eventually shuts down.  Even you are OK for 'snow, it is your customers or employer's customers that will likely feel the impact.

City of Aurora Colorado closing 4 Libraries  

Wittenauer Pharmacy and Gift Shop in Portland

Sable's Jewelry Inc in Moline Illinois 

Saturn of Bloomington-Normal - 25 Jobs Gone

Bebop Baby Shop in Essex Junction VT

Melwood Drug Co in Oakland Pen.?

Herbert Jewelers in Fort Valley

Hugo Boss to Close Cleveland Plant in April - 300 Jobs Lost

Prevent Child Abuse Wyoming

Cross Seed Company in Charleston Officially Closed

APL Logistics to close Jacksonville Office - 40 Jobs Lost

Tigard Sub Shop in Tigard Oregon 

Palmen to Close Racine Dealership 

Goerings Book Store , Center Stage Costumes & Magic , Gause and Son Jewelers in Gainesville Fl

Update: Rexam in Nashua NH Bottle Plant

Fusion Warehouse Youth Center in Anderson 

Submarina California Subs

Smart & Finial Extra Store in Brentwoods

Small Appliance Repair in Hagerstown, Maryland

Puckett & Company in Gadsden Al - Possible Closing

Sidney's Coffee in Boulder Co.

Desoto County, MS May be Force to Close 1 Court

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#1) On December 30, 2009 at 5:29 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

I just had a conversation with an acquanitance who is a partner in one of the largest architecture firms in the nation.

He confirmed that over 60% of architects are effectively  unemployed.  Probably 80% of the workers in new home construction are unemployed and when commercial projects are completed after 1.01.10......there is little in the pipeline and private commecial construction pretty much comes to a grinding halt.

The funny part is that a television reporter from a local station was sitting next to us and overheard the conversation.  She is acquainted with both of us........she sat quietly as she has  consistently indicated to me that conditions were getting better throughout the year.  She has maintained this position even though 50% of the employees at her station have been let go, including some of the most prominant anchors.

In addition, now the lawyers and accountants are large firms are starting to get worried  because  accounts receivables are piling up.  That means even though the professionals are busy and billing out significant hours, there is not much cash coming in the door.  Associates are now getting paycuts and partners are being let go.

All of the above are simply symptoms of zombulation which is now here as it hit our shores with full force at the beginning of last year.

Remember, you are being told the recession is the cash is drying up from Benny the B's the zombulation policies.

Sorta funny how Buffet is saying he is betting on America by buying a railroad but is company is firing more employees than any other railroad in the nation. 


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