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December 31, 2007 – Comments (2)

I am a investment advisor in the Milwaukee & Phoenix markets.  This portfolio isn't a trading portfolio and I won't be checking it daily.  Weekly if I am lucky.  Currently, as of New Year's 2008, my clients own about 15 stocks out of the included universe.  I prefer to own 20.  Our cash holdings are low double digits, between 10-20% dependent on client risk tolerance, time horizon, income needs, etc...

The stocks that are listed here at Fool are those that meet at least one, and usually multiple, of my various screening techniques.  Not all are at buyable prices at a particular time.  All of the stocks are buys or holds right now, imho.  As stocks meet sell targets I will update those by deleting. 

I have been mildly bearish the past two years, keeping about double my normal cash holdings, 20-30% instead of 10-20%.  Fortunately our core holdings have been in energy, materials and telecom.  We exited financials in February 2006, a bit early.  We are likely to cherry pick financials throughout 2008, though if there is a sharp correction there is a strong argument for a couple of the ETFs and a couple of closed end funds.  I have been shifting my thinking to that of being mildly bullish and anticipate investing most of our cash holdings as appropriate during 2008.

FYI, we own several open-end funds for accounts under $250,000.  Several are closed or are going to close again soon which include our no-load picks (I'm not disclosing the funds we use which I'd prefer not take in much more in assets).  Of the loaded funds, we have been adding to NAWGX, IAGEX, IGLAX & TPINX...  Don't underestimate the ING funds, their subadvised funds are very good for the conditions and not very big.  Some have no-load alternatives which we have also used or are using.

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#1) On December 31, 2007 at 8:36 PM, dwot (29.69) wrote:

Well, I will peek in once in a while.

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#2) On January 04, 2008 at 7:05 PM, kirkydu (90.32) wrote:

I'm honored.  I added another batch of screened stocks.  I'll add one more batch as I dollar cost average in my picks.  At some point if I have time maybe I'll start trading the stocks with the positive/negative ratings.  But again, this is really a watch portfolio for me. 

My current holdings are with rough cost basis less any covered call premium:

amgn (51), apc(39-2), ba(87), brkb (2750), chk(29-2), cop(56-6), cryp (17-5), eslr (8), exas (3), mot (16), s (18-2), utsi (3.5), yhoo (26)  Really would like a clear opportunity to buy ABB, BAM, C, CX, SHLD & WFC to get to 20 holdings for the first time since early 2006.  There are also a few disruptive tech/SRI stocks I'd like if I can get them for a pps representative of their fcf-r&d. 


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