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What Is Money?



March 14, 2011 – Comments (0)

It is strange how much time time and energy humanity spends trying to acquire money and so few really understand  the underlying nature and purpose of what money actually is:

Money is a commodity that is used as a means of exchange for the PRODUCTION OF OR THAT WHICH IS UNDER THE CONTROL OF HUMAN BEINGS. 

Money can be rocks, shiny metal, paper, or digital really doesn't matter what form it takes.  But it is only good as a means of exchange for HUMAN production (money on a deserted island with no other people is only good for kindling)....horses really don't give a damn about gold and computers really don't care about cash. 

Where things get really interesting is where more and more production shifts to machines and less and less by humans which is NOW happening on a net basis around the world...especially in the INDUSTRIAL economies.

As a heterosexual male, and one who still likes certain production done by humans, and been fortunately married to the same women for approaching 20 years, thank goodness it can still assist in facilitating the favors of the opposite sex on occasion....the rest has to be done by a human;)

In order for money to function, there must be law and order to enforce its fewer and fewer respect government authority, and government's laws, the role of money breaks down as more start simply taking production by force or protest.

ONCE BEN BERNANKE STARTED PRINTING MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR TO BUY TREASURIES...because on one else in the world would....Federal Reserve Notes and those of us that work for Federal Rerserve Notes rapidly started down a path of being worthless....because they were no longer created out of production or backed by production, but simply manufactured out of thin air.

If Benny could print $1.5 trillion per year....why not $3 trillion?  or $6 trillion.....why not a trillion for every man, woman and child?

When we are all milking government's printed money not based on anyone's production...we are all entitled to the money since we live in a nation where all men are created equal....and we will all learn it is a

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