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What Is So Cute About So Many Fools



February 14, 2011 – Comments (1)

It was so easy to see if you bailed out Wall Street and not Mainstreet....Mainstreet would deteriorate and almost every American would suffer because we all live on Mainstreet in one way or another....

From a Global perspective.....if you inflated currency in an age of Technological would migrate to food and fuel and jobs would decrease causing lots of distress upon populations worldwide, including America...

As food and fuel prices increased and wages decreased....pretty soon wages would not be sufficient to purchase food

Once wages were not sufficient to purchase food.....people would stop working......

Once people stopped working.....the world as you know it would come to an end.......

Well, here we are my friennds as more and more around the world are fed up with the Industrial Age and those that made their wealth in the Industrial Age...much of which was simply a derivative of borrowing which the current generation doesn't have access to.....

Now the Digital Generation are about to give us all the flying finger birdie to our wealth, our system, and our money.......and there is nothing we can do about it at this point.....because if the youth are not willing to work for your money, your wealth is worthless.......

Welcome to the as protesting returns to Egypt and spreads around the is all about wages and food in the end.....but you really new that in the back of your mind....right?

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#1) On February 15, 2011 at 12:52 AM, lovehead41 (43.27) wrote:

What future do you see for Egypt...middle east?   I can see martial law leading to weak socialism followed by quick slide into theocracy, reapeat around region.  Not a rosy picture if your national flag includes the star of david.

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