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What makes Alstrynomics so different....



December 01, 2011 – Comments (0)

Alstry is the only blogger addressing the impact of Financial Deleveraging AND  Advancing Technology collapsing Industrial Functioning.  Most address one or the other.

The issue with humanity advancing into a new digital economy is it disrupts most unsustainble and inefficient Industrial paradigms.

Just like the tractor was very disruptive to hand farming and tens of millions of farming like IBM Watson and advancing robotics is and will be very disruptive to industrial jobs and tens of millions of jobs.

The world is facing so many problems right now because most of the world is structured in jobs based industrial economies....and now the jobs are disappearing faster than we can create new ones.

Add in the fact that banks are cutting off credit to the private sector and we are witnessing a synchronized global collapse never seen before in history.

At this point, absent government borrowing massively against our children's future production....our entire economic structure would collapse like it almost did in 2008.....however, this time it will be much more serious as the total soverign debt load has exploded since then...

What we are witnessing is a historic paradigm change....and the change will be globally convulsive.....the only issue going forward is whether the change will be driven by WW3 or global economic collapse as borrowing the children's money to support our financial assets has reached unsustainble levels without offering the children much opportunity in a collapsing system......

as this is written, we are heading in both directions and after the convulsive period, we should be well on our way to a sustainable technologically driven

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