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What makes Udder World Different Than Alstry



January 21, 2011 – Comments (0)

In will identify the trends leading us to solutions as we drive our economic, legal and poltitical systems into the digital age.

For example, digital delivery of education can provide an education to the entire world at relatively low costs.  The problem is it puts a lot schools, teachers, and book manufacturers out of business.  On the flip side, we consume a lot less fuel and natural resources.

In the end we have built a sustainable education system for the entire world delivering the best teachers in each subject.

Same is true with communication....with eMail and VOIP, we can communicate instantly with anyone in the world making geography essentially irrelevant.  The negative, we will put a lot of phone companies out of business and people out of work if we are able to scale such a system worldwide...again reducing the cost of communication substantially for all.

Health care is the same.....and as we adopt healthier living styles and digital healthcare delivery, we can probably take at least 90% or more of the current American cost structure out of the system.  Remember, in 1950, healthcare was only about 1% of GDP, today it is approaching 20%.

Government is ready for change as well....we can electronically automate many of the functions currently being performed by people....and we can consolidate fuctions from different locals.  The net result is we could probably reduce the cost of government by over 70% factoring consolitdation and technolgical efficiencies.

Same with banking....soon most banking will be performed online or at an ATM....for many it already is......again, very convulsive for those working in the financial sector, but far more resource effcient for society.

And we are just hitting the tip of the iceberg of savings.  If the elderly lived with their children, just from the savings children would not have to work and the knowledge and widsom of life would better transfer between generations.

It is now clear that our cities, counties, states, schools and hospitals plus lots more are broke......something I blogged about for the past few years.  We are now finally starting to address the issues.  IT IS ABOUT TIME as there has been much distress in the interim leaving roadkill behind bailing out a few and letting the rest rot.

The difference between Alstry and is Alstry primarily focused on the collapse of the Industrial Age w/o providing much guidance in the Digital Age.....the reason:  because such knowledge would not have been accepted or relevant at the time.  With so many focused on a dying system, talking about the next system would simply have been noise.

Going forward, will identify practical solutions to a very convulsive problem.  It will identify and link the trends as we head into the Digital Age.  It will break down the collapse of our present system and the rise of digital/cloud based solutions.  It will be your unpastuerized view into the Digital age.

The best part is much of Alstry's work here will be drawing to a close much of Motley Fool and the commentary is focused on an Industrial perspective and industrial rights.  It will be very intersting to observe the changes....and we will do it together...because in the end we are all collectively interdependent on the production of each other for humanity to prosper.

Thanks for coming along for the the ride is just beginning.

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