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What to do about Microsoft's earnings report



April 28, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MSFT , YHOO , GOOGL

Actually I don't talk about the past... so I won't be talking about the earnings report that couldn't.
Instead....Microsoft investors who didn't sell off their shares (*ahem* I sold mine :-( 

should look to the future.  And I don't see how Microsoft screws up the next quarter. I'd think you'd have to work really hard to do that...Like replacing Steve Balmer with former C.E.O   OSPEL from UBS. 

In all seriousness....  Investing is like a log ride.  The loser is the one who quits.

Microsoft will be fine.  Regarding the Yahoo acquisition and all of the analysts screaming and whining that Microsoft should quit and walk away?


Microsoft NEEDS  Yahoo and Yahoo NEEDS Microsoft. 

Yahoo should be a legitamit rival to Google but it lacks the balls and cash of Microsoft.  Microsoft should be a stronger rival to Apple, but Microsoft lacks the creativity of Yahoo.

Besides... Yahoo's search engine is better than Google.  Google's search engine was YESTERDAY's search engine.

If Microsoft was smart they'd do a run on NUANCE communications shortly after acquiring Yahoo and convert every software Microsoft has to Speech Compatibility and really make their next operating system special when you can do more than just "click."

Yahoo's search engine allows speech.   Yahoo's search engine provides helpful suggestions as you type your search keywords.

Yahoo Finance.. Yahoo News...  I'd rather sit and read Yahoo News than to have to find away to peel my eyes away from the EYE SOAR of GOOGLE's holiday art covering their GOOGLE name.
And of course GOOGLE can not even bother to celebrate America's Military consistently avoiding to do anything special for Memorial Day and other holidays.

GOOGLE is pathetic.
GOOGLE is history!

MICROSOFT + YAHOO =  $15 a share for GOOGLE by 2012.

Oh and Microsoft has Grand Theft Auto IV...

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