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What was I doing on Dec. 23, 1997 when Apple stock price closed @ $0.46?



March 28, 2018 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: AAPL , MSFT

Here is Apple Inc.(Nasdaq:AAPL) stock prices between 01‎-‎Jan‎-‎1997 - ‎31‎-‎Dec‎-1997. I surely was not observing Apple and I can safely say a majority of us was not anticipating Apple as a investment because

3) So much uncertainty as we were living in the 1997 Asian financial crisis 

2) During 1997 Apple seemed to be heading for bankruptcy which the herd stayed clear of

1) Who would of known? a year later and forwards Apple has been churning out products

1998 - iMac


2001 - iPod  


2005 - Mac Mini  


2006 - MacBook (relaunched in 2015) 


2006 - MacBook Pro  


2006 - Mac Pro


2007 - iPhone  


2008 - MacBook Air 


2010 - iPad


2015 - Apple Watch


2007 - Apple TV

2018 - HomePod 



10 questionable investments that were worth the risk




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1. Apple in December 1997


Stock Price on Dec. 23, 1997: $0.46

With the largest market cap in the world and a massive base of customers, Apple hasn t been a questionable investment in many years. It s hard for many modern-day investors to understand just how dire things were for Apple in 1997, when the company seemed like it might be headed for bankruptcy. Apple lost $100 million on its failed Newton venture and suffered 12 straight years of losses. The stock suffered as well, dipping as low as 46 cents in December 1997.




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Why the Risk Paid Off


Stock Price on Feb. 23, 2018: $175.50

After a $150 million cash infusion from Microsoft, Apple unleashed a tidal wave of innovation that rallied the company s finances and reputation. Apple transformed the digital music industry with the iPod, revolutionized the mobile phone market with the iPhone, then took over the high-end PC market with the MacBook Air. The result was a stock price that pushed above $180 in January 2018.

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#1) On March 29, 2018 at 11:53 AM, Melaschasm (< 20) wrote:

Apple was in such bad shape financially that Microsoft provided them with a large cash infusion to avoid becoming a monopoly. The Ipod was the turning point for Apple, and Jobs played a key role in its development. There is a reason why Apple was trading for $1, and that is the very real chance of bankruptcy. For those fortunate few who rolled the dice on their survival and held until now, they have enjoyed incredible profits. Sadly I was not one of those people. I expected Apple to go under before they developed the Ipod.

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