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What Will Humans Do When Computers Replace Workers?



February 17, 2011 – Comments (0)

In the past, Americans were able to find replacement work....

Then we had to fraudulently leverage up real estate to keep people working.....

The we had to fraudulently leverage up government to keep people working.....

Now there is nothing left to leverage up......

Watson just beat to smartest minds on is now off the hospitals to soon replace many doctors....and you wil learn that Watson can replace most of our current jobs.

It has already replaced video stores, book stores, and is eliminating bank branches, post offices, and soon schools and universities......

As Americans, we were the workers of the Industial the Digital Age our jobs and functions are being outsourced overseas and onto computers....

Every week there is fewer and fewer people working despite massive borrowing by govnernment to try to prop things up....and the more they print, the higher food and fuel prices go draining much needed funds from every other segment of the economy.

Bernanke's policies are actually making the situation worse by driving up food and fuel prices....he is not wired for the current structural change....and if he doesn't change course soon, billions could die from starvation, or likely war.

We must restructure our economies soon as more and more people are outsourced to computers.  The drive to technological efficiency in an industrial economy is like a boat taking on water in the there are fewer and fewer people working, there is less revenues flowing around in a system designed for high employment.

Again, it is not the end of the world...just the end of the world as we knew it....and the beginning of the

Do you really think humans have any influence on the stocks in a market controlled by computers?  Do you really think many of us will have our current jobs as technolgy drives most current functions into the history books?

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