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What Worked For Prior Generations Doesn't Work For This One



January 18, 2012 – Comments (0)

When the baby boomer generation started working in 1980, the total National Debt was about $1 Trillion dollars and America had a trade surplus (meaning America was producing more goods for the world than it was consuming from the world). In 1980, the American population was about 100 Million fewer people than today.

Just one generation later, the college graduates are entering a shrinking workforce, with not enough available jobs, in a nation with OVER 15X the debt, an ANNUAL deficit exceeding

the TOTAL debt accumulated from 1776 to 1980, AND a MASSIVE trade deficit (we now consume much more than we produce for the world).

In pursuit of the "desire to retire" and maintain an unsustainable lifestyle, the baby boomer generation NOW "borrows" this generation's money and doesn't offer them much hope in the current system. Today, graduates with collectively over one TRILLION dollars of outstanding debt can't find jobs and are becoming increasingly frustrated. It is not fair, when the adults who were part of the generation that bankrupted the nation, to blame the children for being unemployed. Furthermore, the issue becomes even more polarized as the baby boomer's "happiness" consuming exceeds the childrens' needs and needs of future generations.

There is anudder way. EVERYONE can consume, function, and prosper sustainably. We can advance humanity at rates never seen before. With new technology and innovations, we can unlock scarcity in a SUSTAINABLE manner. We must NOW start moving in that direction, or we will soon be forced to confront each other to see who gets to continue consuming unsustainably in a world that is financially, morally and ecologically bankrupt.

*the above is NOT just an American issue, but an issue facing most industrialized nations today


The ONLY Reason Adults Don't Have Scarcity Today Is Because They Were Bailed Out By Government
It's now time to sustainably bail EVERYONE out

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