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When A Days Wages CAN'T Buy Food And Fuel



March 04, 2011 – Comments (0)

There is NO REASON to work for Money as humans must eat.

This is actually happening in an increasing number of countries around the world.  It is why there is Social Unrest/Protesting/Rioting in growing number of places.  It has yet to happen to America, but we are getting closer every day as wages decline and costs skyrocket.

As the price of food and fuel keep increasing, it will take away spending from all other areas.....which will cause spending to focus on food and fuel even more.  This process is a theory I developed called Concentric Contraction.

THE PROBLEM: very few people today grow their own food or benefit from rising food and fuel prices so we will see unprecedented collapses of economies as presently structured....or as Alstry says, the world as you know it.

Sure the ticker keeps going up....for now....just like the Dot.coms did and houses did.....for a while.  But soon, as food and fuel prices keep rising....more and more will fail......and social unrest will keep rising.

Unless America SYSTEMATICALLY restructures soon....we are about to see the most heavily armed private population in the world get very agitated as meeting daily expenses gets challenging.

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