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When America Is Bankrupt...We Are All Bankrupt



May 17, 2011 – Comments (0)

I am amazed at the lack of patriotism of this generation....not the youth...but the baby boomers.  Our generation bankrupted the nation and yet we think we are entitled to the wealth we perceive we have accumulated.

The irony is that any wealth that was accumulated was due to the American system....and without the system, we would have no wealth, no food, no water, no security, and nothing to pass on to our children.

What is even more amazng is Alstry has been raising consciousness of this issue....the single most inportant issue facing America today....and yet there has been tremendous push back about taking responsibility for a nation that has given so many so much.

Going forward, we will have to make convulsive changes....ALL OF our country is broke and there is no solution absent radical ones.....

for example, starting a World War would be a viable solution.  It would give our youth purpose, jobs, and cohesiveness....

But so would convulsive economic restructuring...but based on the attitude of this board and the word's coming out of our politicians...war will be the easier route.


It now begins....Either economic collaspe, WW3 or both.  In the end, it will not be the end of the world, simply the end of a world as we know it. 

If we go the war should expect at least 1 BILLION people to die or get injuried....after all, just in IRAQ and Afghanistan, we have lost/seriously injuried 47,000 American kids and hundreds of thousands from the local populations.

I do find the logic of America very interesting....the Industrial Age is collapsing.....yet everyone is thinking in Industrial terms.  It would be like knowing the Titanic is sinking, yet all want to think about making more money in the Casino.

There are times in life that the system is more important than you....and this is one of we prepare for an Udder World.

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