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When EVERYONE milks off government....what happens when the UDDER is dry?



June 16, 2011 – Comments (0)

AT this point....EVERY single American is fully dependent on a solvent government in our highly leveraged CONSUMPTION ECONOMY.  And so are most citizens of the world.

At we are simply distilling what happens when the Udder runs dry.

What is everyone's legal rights?  Who is entitled to consume?  What is money as money is simply a claim against the full faith and credit of government.

Many dislike Alstry because the can't bear to deal with reality.  WE THE PEOPLE are all dependent on a solvent government just like a child is dependent on solvent parents to survive.

Well...we are finally beginning to learn that our, and most governments around the world are ZOMBULATED.

For those that don't like to address the issue...from Alstry's perspective you are simply children refusing to confront reality...but that is OK and that is your right.  It is why I rarely get mad at those that dislike my view.  How can you get angry at children....especially children you LOVE.

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