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When NOBODY deserves credit.....



October 03, 2010 – Comments (1)

Is war inevitable when nobody deserves credit and credit is allocated arbitrarily at the whim of Wall Street and Washington?

Do you really think bankrupt GE was more deserving of credit than bankrupt GM?  Or $1.5 TRILLION dollar defict Federal Government is more deserving of credit than few billion deficit Detroit?  Or an insolvent public homebuilder vs. insolvent private homebuilder?  Or insolvent Wall Street Bank selling toxic debt to your pension fund vs. insolvent local bank holding loans that can't be serviced because their clients can't refinance?

Do you really think a family whose employer gets cut off credit and loses their income should lose their home but an insolvent banker who gambles on derivitives should get bailed out and receive millions in bonuses to help destroy the economy?

When nobody deserves credit....either everyone goes bankrupt....or everyone gets credit.....and anything in between will only mathematically result in conflict........

Soon you will all understand......and when you do, you will ask.....why did we sit back and say nothing?  The price for selfishness and apathy is always higher the longer you wait.......

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#1) On October 03, 2010 at 11:02 PM, BillyTG (29.59) wrote:


2. Neither deserves credit if it comes from the federal government (and thus taxpayers)

3. Neither deserves credit from taxpayers who have no choice in the matter

4. Ditto

5. Ditto

6.  Ditto

The little guy (us) is getting bent over, raped, robbed, and thrown in the gutter. It's all happening right in plain view and too few of the victims are screaming mad. They all feel like they deserved it.  Meanwhile, favored banks, favored corporations, federal politicians are making out like the bandits they are.  And people wonder how the wealth gap continues to increase.

Bank robbers has a whole new meaning these days...

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