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When Your Sure; Don't Be



July 16, 2010 – Comments (0)

Just when your sure the market is going to rally and you want to go all in something happens and it does a 180. That is why fewer and fewer people are investing. Soon it will be only a few people betting against each other with lower and lower volume.

Compaines that make half their profit by issuiing more and more stocks won't be able to sneek in there hundreads of millions in stock options.

The market will dwindle to only companies that are good take over canidets and that run well with out high stock prices.

Ford ran at $2 a share and survived, Ge could not do that, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, Home Depot, Starbucks and many more could not do that.

It is a good Idea to look at outstanding shares of a stock, if it keeps going up, and the amount of new issues is half of their profit, are they really profitabel or just using the stock sells to pay there expenses, payroll to top exects, trading stocks for loans, discounts, and so on.

Some companies are reducing their shares out yet some of the "Wall Street Darlenes" are actually adding more shares and paying top employees and who knows who else with your investments.

A company can not make a dime and just keep issuing more shares and show 20% growth.

It will catch up to them like it did to Bed Bath and Beyond, Rimm and others.

As a disclaimed I am a "fool" and no one should sue me for my foolish opinions.

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