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Where can I screen for stocks on foreign exchanges UK, Ireland, etc?



April 26, 2009 – Comments (1)

I have tried google, yahoo finance uk and can't find a screener as we have on yahoo usa....can someone tell me where I can go to screen foreign stocks not listed on US exchanges. Meaning other countries from uk, india, china, brazil, ireland, etc.... Thanks

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#1) On April 26, 2009 at 8:39 PM, speedybure (< 20) wrote:

I use interactive brokers and it very easy to do using that. another way is to find etfs traded on foreign exchanges and peruse their holdings. for example check out xtr, xgd, cow. these are canadian etfs by claymore. there is also the IHK traded in australia by ishares. Looking through their holdinf will give you at least 200 equities traded on other exchanges.

-hoped this help 

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