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Which Modeling Path is Right for You



December 24, 2014 – Comments (0)

So, you want to be a model, but what type of modeling do you want to do? There are a wide range of paths that fall under the umbrella of modeling and not all of them may be suitable for you. Understanding the options that are available and what each requires is an essential first step to undertaking a career in modeling. 

Promotional modeling 

Promotional models are hired at live venues to increase consumer interest in a product or brand. This type of modeling takes place at a range of venues including: 

*Trade shows. 

*Shopping malls. 


*Special events in hotels. 

Promotional models may be required to hand out samples, stand by a product such as a car or demonstrate how an item works. It’s important for a promotional model to be outgoing and have confident approachable personality. 

Fashion modeling 

Models who choose this path will be promoting clothes and accessories. Within fashion modeling there are several subcategories that cover different aspects of the fashion industry. These include: 

*Runway modeling. 


*Editorial shoots. 

Fashion modeling generally has the most stringent size and height conditions for models. Most fashion models are at least 5ft 10in tall and amongst the slimmest in the business. However, within the fashion market there is a growing call for models of different shapes and sizes particularly for catalogue work. 

Commercial print modeling 

Commercial print models advertise companies and their products or services. There is a wide range of print media that employ models for different types of shoots and assignments. Some of the most popular types of media include: 

*Lifestyle or casual magazines. 

*Corporate publications. 

*Swimwear magazines and catalogues. 

*Health and fitness magazines. 

*Lingerie catalogues, including more adult publications *Glamour, including pinup photos, calendars and men’s magazines. 

*Alternative publications, including gothic, punk or other alternative lifestyles and images.

The requirements for a model in this category depend mainly on the subcategory in which you are interested. Glamour and lingerie models need to be very comfortable with their own bodies and tend to have much curvier shapes than models who opt for fitness magazines. Those who focus on lifestyle publications need to be able to convince the viewer that they are part of the world that is being portrayed. 

Nude modeling 

Nude modeling is possibly one of the most physically demanding forms of modeling. Models have to be in exceptionally good physical shape and extremely self-confident. They rarely have anything to hide behind and in some cases have to pose still for long periods of time. The three main types of nude modeling you will come across are: 


*Artistic, and 

*Erotic (this is different to pornographic and is artistic in nature

*Body part modeling 

Body part modeling is ideal for models who have one or two features of which they are extremely proud, but who don’t have confidence in their overall look. This type of modeling is generally used to sell very specific products and usually involves either hair, hands or legs. 

It is possible for a model to work across one or more modeling categories; however, there are very, very few who can achieve success in all of the above areas. Contact Bubblegum casting to discuss which options are right for you.

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