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Varchild2008 (84.12)

Which XBOX 360 Game Sold Better? GH 4 versus GH 5



October 24, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: ATVI

Which XBOX 360 game Sold Better?  GH 4 versus GH 5?

I just recently read two articles pessimistically trashing the sales of Guitar Hero 5 suggesting that because the game was 9th and Rock Band was 5th that this shows tremendous weakness for the franchise....

Is Band Hero cutting into sales of Guitar Hero??????
Can you answer this simple question for me before I show you the facts?

That question....Which I already asked but will ask again....

Which Game Sold Better?  GH 4 versus GH 5?

WORLD TOUR     versus    GUITAR HERO 5.......  Given the pessimism you'd think WORLD TOUR Trounced Guitar Hero 5........ Given the stark difference in the unemployment rate.... Given the stark difference between the 2 economies.... 2008 versus 2009....

AND furthermore..... Guitar Hero World Tour came out in OCTOBER.... Much Closer to Christmas than Guitar Hero 5 in September.

So it is obvious which game sold more copies!!!!  obvious!!!  Believe in the pessimism folks cause the answer is....well....

I'll just point you to the article, which I am sure will convince you to dump your entire stake of ATVI and declare the publisher DOA (dead on arrival):

Guitar Hero World Tour:   191,000 copies

Guitar Hero 5:  (It's going to be's obvious the number is lower!!!)

Geeze... I can't bring myself to write the number of copies sold for the seems Varchild2008 made a bad bad bad bad bad mistake buying into ATVI....  *Crap*

Here's the number....*sigh*

Guitar Hero 5:  210,800

 What is your answer?   You say....GH 4 World Tour sold more copies than Guitar Hero 5.... You read the pessimistic articles about how POORLY  GH5 has done in September in the United States.... What.... What...

What did the article say?

That Guitar Hero 5 only made it to 9th place on the charts????
Guitar Hero 4 only made it to 11th place!!!!! shall I say it......

/end of sarcasm ........cause ATVI ain't going to *miss* earnings estimates when its franchise title sold 19,800 more copies versus the predecessor.

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#1) On October 25, 2009 at 1:48 AM, runnr100 (99.81) wrote:

I love it, especially since i"m in ATVI.  Great wit.

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#2) On October 26, 2009 at 9:01 AM, Gemini846 (34.10) wrote:

How many sub's did WoW loose this year?

$10M in GH5 copies. Not Bad. If they lost 50k annual WoW sub's they broke even. Smashing. Of course there is always Cataclysm on the horizon right?

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