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Whining about Varchild's Ideology won't make you any Money



December 07, 2009 – Comments (1)

Just so you know Whining about my Ideology won't make you any money...

Whining that I didn't write about Climate Change in my article even though I hinted at it in my headline also won't make you portfolio trade UP.

In fact.. I am not sure but giving my articles a -1 rec won't make you RICH either.... but you can try all that if you want.. I can't stop you even if I had as much TYRANNICAL control over
your life as the E.P.A. and PRES OBAMA soon will  (Cap and Tax, Obamacare, EPA Regulations Oh My).

Michigan is about to be hit with its first big snow fall this week.... We already experienced snow flurries today.... hmm....that's funky...  I remember the 1980s and early to mid 1990s when most years if there ever was any snow in December it didn't happen until the last week of December... The Week of Christmas.... Sometimes our first real snow fall wasn't until Christmas.

29 degrees all the way down to a reported 26 degrees farenheit in parts of Michigan as well today.

Most of December used to be mid to upper 30s.....   hmm.....  Could it beeeeeeee.....

GLOBAL COOLING CRISIS!!!!!!    SAVE THE EARTH!!!!!    Give Varchild all of your shares of (F) Ford now!!!!  For your sake and mine..... We must save the planet for absolute cooling disaster...

Want the scientific raw data to prove the Earth is cooling????  Sorry I just shredded it.

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#1) On December 08, 2009 at 1:04 AM, lucas1985 (< 20) wrote:

"Just so you know Whining about my Ideology won't make you any money..."
It's always useful to know what the irrational/delusional is thinking/doing. Doing this, we can profit from betting in the opposite direction.

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