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June 14, 2011 – Comments (0)

When you print money out thin air......and give bankers billions in bonuses.......who is entitled to free printed money?

If Gov. Mark Dayton and lawmakers don't agree on a budget by June 30, the state government is expected to shut down. The state moved one step closer to this outcome on Friday by sending layoff notices to much of the state workforce.

Should officials not resolve their differences in time, state parks and highway stops could be shuttered over the busy Fourth of July weekend. Forget about renewing a driver's license or taking classes at state colleges. Nonprofit agencies may have to suspend their social services if their state funding disappears.

As for the state workers, they'll have to wait to see who is deemed critical. The rest could lose their pay, and some their health benefits. The unions have already launched a campaign pressuring state officials to pass a budget.

Any bet politicians are critical?

Now things get interesting when the money is running out for the over 50,000,000 Government workers, grant/contract recipients, and health care workers.

When money is printed out of thin air, or borrowed from our collective retirement/investment accounts....and billions simply handed to bankers, public company execs, and do you think the rest of the nation will react when they find out?

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