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alstry (< 20)

Who is Alstry.....????



February 13, 2009 – Comments (17)

Wow...I go to lunch and there are a number of unsolicited blogs about me??????  A bit ridiculous don't you think....especially during these trying times????  But since there seems to be interest....for those that want to know...... 

Alstry is the founder of Alstrynomics......the practical and functional application of economics and political science.  Alstrynomic's key theory is Concentric Contraction where the price of just about everything implodes in dollar terms.  In furthering Alstrynomics, Alstry is a fact delivering machine and a product of the internet age.....none of this could have been possible without the ability of obtaining, distilling, and delivering information that the internet offers with such ease and low cost. 

Alstry's personality is unique to Alstry and is solely the product of his creator.  Although his views mimic his creators, his acerbic personality is very different.  Much of Alstry's personality is an offshoot of characters in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

Some core characteristics of Alstry beliefs:

1.  People should be judged on merit and not whether they won the overian lottery.

2.  Only attack others if they attack you premptive wars here....and the bigger they are....the harder you should hit back...using only the necessary force to repel the aggression.

3.  Believing in yourself is a positive only if you offer something to believe in.....

4.  Everyone should have an opportunity to succeed regardless of where they start out in life

5.  No one, and I mean no one, is "better" than anyone else....

6.  Just because you have some education pedigree or have scored high on a test....I am willing to bet that there are a number of areas in your life where you are an idiot.

7.  Being the best you can be is all that anyone can ask for....and if possible, it should be your choice to pursue what you want to be

8.  The Constitution of the United States is one of the greatest documents ever written by humans....and its importance is only relevent if the principals are applied.

9  Protect those that are weaker than you

10.  Success is often defined by ability to overcome failures rather than easy victories.

The above are simply ten characteristics listed in no particular order of importance nor is intended to be comprehensive.

Alstry sees America on a very nasty path right now....his goal is to warn those of the difficulties ahead and maybe provide a few ideas how to mitigate the distress.  By nature Alstry is not a negative a matter of fact, he is preparing to morph into PostiveAlstry....but he is not an idiot nor one who likes to deceive about the realities of the current situation.

For example....think about this foreclosure assistance nonsense being proposed as a potential solution to the current problem........since the proposal is only $50 mathematically CAN'T address the severity of the current problem....How, Alstry do you know that???  EASY!!!!  Because at the peak.....people were taking out over $200 Billion PER QUARTER in HELOCs alone.

Alstry is not a genius...nor does he pretend to be smart.  He is just a common sense guy that has a lot of mileage in his career.  He has made many mistakes and hopefully can teach you how to avoid a few.  He has lost millions of dollars personally...and will very likely lose millions more as long as his health holds out....

But the one thing Alstry loves more than just about anything is a DEAL.  Few like the DEAL like Alstry.  He is a Costcoholic and loves ripping thru the financial statements of public companies searching for value.  And when the day comes when deals are available or are brought to his attention.....few will be partying like Alstry.

You can like Alstry or hate him....either way he doesn't care.....he is just a cyber character with a fairly thick skin....he doesn't proactively want to anger anyone.....but the easiest way to shut him up is beat him in CAPs.....after all...CAPs is about investors helping investors.....and you guys have helped me a lot.   The better you are...the better I will likely become.

Thanks to ALL CAPs players and to TMF for this site.....good luck trying to out score me.

PS:  A special thanks to Sinchi, not because I necessarily agree with his views......but now that I have collected a bit of physical silver....I gotta tell you having it is a lot of fun.  Regardless of any profits or losses.....just playing with and giving away the coins is a blast.  Sorta like poker chips....they are just fun to fondle.  In addition, you will not believe the reaction of people when you give them a silver dollar.  It puts a smile on people's faces.....and during these times....just watching the reaction is priceless.


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#1) On February 13, 2009 at 4:05 PM, SuperPicks (28.36) wrote:

lost millions personally? that really true?

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#2) On February 13, 2009 at 4:13 PM, DemonDoug (31.48) wrote:

i'm with super... lost millions?  and will lose millions? :;confused;:

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#3) On February 13, 2009 at 4:15 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

Absolutey true......stick a needle in my eye true.  And as far as the prediction....some bad habits are just hard to change and are just part of the game.

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#4) On February 13, 2009 at 4:18 PM, Rehydrogenated (33.19) wrote:

Lol Sinchi turned Alstry into a numismatist. I'll give you a great tip. Buy silver proof sets during huge crash years. The treasury makes less (low supply) and people delay buying them until later years (high demand). I have yet to do anything other than triple my money every time i employ this strat.

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#5) On February 13, 2009 at 4:18 PM, BradAllenton (31.84) wrote:

Wait...... if you're Alstry then who the hellz am I? LOL

Hey on the silver thing. It is pretty amazing to touch something that has had a value $ over so much time. It still has that feel of real wealth. Knowing that the Romans traded it and we still do gives you a sense of security. Giving them to kids and telling them that it's real treasure is so rewarding. I like the stuff it's just hard to get your hands on without paying crazy mark ups.

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#6) On February 13, 2009 at 4:32 PM, XMFSinchiruna (26.44) wrote:


Congrats on the silver purchase. I'm sure you'll enjoy fondling it even more when silver hits $50. :)

I keep a 2-ounce bullion coin in my pocket at all times for didactic purposes - it quotes Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution:

"No State Shall Make Anything But Gold and Silver Coin a Render in Payment of Debt"

On the obverse: "Honest Value Never Fails", with an image of the USS Constitution under full sail.

It's puuurty. :P

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#7) On February 13, 2009 at 4:57 PM, GoodVibe4Ever (< 20) wrote:

Alstry -

I don't read much of your blogs to be frank. Not because they don't carry value but because I have to get another life to read them. So once in awhile I'll skim through them and make sure to avoid the argumentative and personal ones for I believe they carry little value. Among them all, I couldn't find the desire to comment except one time where I tried to warn you for your over-bearish picks on Caps.

This time for some reason, I felt this blog was good - really good. I believe this is truly you. It was sincere and heartfelt. I will not ask you to change your way of delivery for this is your creator almighty given right to you and all of us. To speak our minds and hopefully in a way that add, build, and make a difference.

I believe you're a very decent man with very good intention and I would love to see all caps’ members join you in a productive conversation where you can speak up your minds with the least amount of effort you exert.

I have a proposal for you and those who get into wasteful argumentative conversation with you. I offer you in their behave -if they allow me- an olive branch in exchange of you giving them some concessions.

They will ask you for some wishes to see in your blogs or the way you deliver them, then you choose let's say three of them to fulfill. In exchange, they will promise to stop wasting your energy as well as theirs and other members here in what can be diverted to doing good things.

You have great amount of energy and stamina and I would love to see it streamlined because you will be impressive and one of the most listened to in Caps if you desire so.

You can do less and accomplish more. In Vedic science, this principle is known as the principle of economy of effort. Ultimately you’ll come to the state where you do nothing and accomplish everything.

I hope you and those who consider you to be "not-their-cup-of-tea" to accept my offer and set the terms in such way. Happy holidays and lovely weekend to all.


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#8) On February 13, 2009 at 5:33 PM, icesword2 (64.75) wrote:

I would like to echo GoodVibe.  I like reading your posts because they are informative and entertaining.  I'm often left with a sense of urgency to do something about what I've learned from you, but what I'm missing is a plan of action.  What should I be doing now in response to your analysis?

 Today's post was a great start in that direction: you said we should buy silver/gold coins and suggested a few uses for them.  That's something concrete that we can all choose to do, or not.  Suggestions to simply "prepare" or stock up on liquor are not as useful in my opinion.

 Thanks for your time, and Fool on!

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#9) On February 13, 2009 at 6:17 PM, Mary953 (84.96) wrote:

Alstry - GoodVibe has linked his post to yours and asked comments.  May I offer you an observation?  While they are not worth as much in true gold/silver value, the US Mint also makes a series of $1 "gold" coins bearing the likenesses of US presidents.  Handing these to people causes the same reaction as giving them silver dollars.  And yes, it is an incredible feeling to watch someone react with that great big smile.  I carry some of these coins just for that.  Great, ain't it?

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#10) On February 13, 2009 at 7:32 PM, tahoestock (< 20) wrote:

Alstry...the quality of your posts, whether ranting, informative, or entertaining (or some combination) is revealed by the quality of the responders (like this group).  For me it doesn't matter if there is investment advice; there's a ton of that elsewhere, such as GoodVibe's excellent posts.  As per his suggestion for a wish:  you obviously have lots of investing experience.  Sharing what you have learned about yourself and your trading through the process of loosing millions (and hopefully making a few) might be very informative for those of us just starting out.  Anyway, my two cents...thanks Alstry.  


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#11) On February 13, 2009 at 8:20 PM, RonChapmanJr (30.07) wrote:

i'd be willing to bet that alstry wants no part in goodvibe's "olive branch". 

any takers?

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#12) On February 13, 2009 at 8:29 PM, jesusfreakinco (28.21) wrote:

I can tell you one lesson I have learned - I am a much better trader in CAPS than in real life.  I have less patience in real life and make bad emotional trades.  CAPS is giving me confidence in my convictions...

Al - you make me laugh.  Dude, I wish we could have a beer some time.

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#13) On February 13, 2009 at 9:15 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

JFC...I am a much better real life trader than CAPs.  In real life I am not contrained by relative gains.  If a stock drops 40% and I am real life I am up 40% but in CAPs I could be negative if the market is down more than 40%.

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#14) On February 14, 2009 at 12:54 AM, SuperPicks (28.36) wrote:

Well als, keep on doing what you do, I enjoy reading your many blogs and punctuations.  Keep it up.

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#15) On February 14, 2009 at 4:43 AM, jester112358 (28.09) wrote:

10.  Success is often defined by ability to overcome failures rather than easy victories.

 From another Ayn Rand fan, excellent post, and a very trenchant observations.  Success often creates only false hubris.

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#16) On June 30, 2009 at 4:16 PM, cudakhan (25.63) wrote:

I believe that alstry has lost millions.  There is no way a person can hold down a job or perform adequately in the market today with the amount of time he spends blogging.  Is Alstry an honorable man?  (Questionable)  The projection of fear with no insight into any solutions, lead me to think that this man (or woman) is reacting to the traumas of his portfolio.

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#17) On June 30, 2009 at 5:11 PM, panchocharlie (29.10) wrote:

Alstry,  I have been reading your blogs since I joined CAPS a few weeks ago and I enjoy and learn from them. I also have learned a lot from GV and  would like to say that his comments and thoughts  toward you in this blog capture the gist of what you both are trying to accomplish with readers like me.

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