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Who Is Going To Care For Generation Debt?



September 09, 2010 – Comments (1)

In one generation, one American generation managed to accumulate 10X the debt compared to the total debt all previous generations accumulated before it......that's right, from 1776 to 2000......the TOTAL public and private debt in America approximated $5 Trillion dollars.....

Today, just one generation public and private debt approaches $55 Trillion dollars WITHOUT including entitlement obligations......

and the nutty part, most of that $50 trillion dollars of debt was accumulated in the past ten years......

now the bankers have cut off the nation from credit and there is NO WAY to service that debt as tens of millions of Americans are preparing for "retirement".....


Do those Generation Debtors think their kids are going to pay back that insane amount of debt? 

How?  The digital generation is being cut off of credit after being forced to accumulate massive amounts of debt simply to get a college degree.......

What a joke....those people that made money in business did it because of debt....

....those that got paid salaries to teach special needs children got paid because of debt......

....those people that made money building homes generated sales because of debt.....


and now we are cutting off our kids from credit and expect them to pay back $50 trillion dollars of debt Generation Debt accumulated?  Pretty soon they will tell us our money is no longer good to them......and they will create a new digital currency.....and make the present currency essetntially worthless.

The game is over unless we restructure the America continues to shut down......

Update: Harley Davidson - Labor Contract Could = 25% of Tomahawk Positions 

BAE Systems - Contract Loss = 300 More Layoffs

Lockheed Martin - 25% of Executive Workforce, More Than 600

Shionogi - 350

PNC Financial Services Group Inc. - 83

WQED Multimedia - 4

St Paul MN School District - 1,700 in past 2 years

P&O Ferries ( International ) - up to 70

California State University - No Layoffs, But Leaving 45+ Positions Vacant

Harley-Davidson Inc - 200 Layoffs Possible Even with Ratified Contract

Engineering firm Arup ( International ) - 600 Jobs on the Line

Indie distribution company Apparition - 8

9 Michigan Companies Will Shed - 863 Jobs in the Coming Weeks

Tessada & Associates Inc. - 166 in Houston

Lakedale Telephone Co - About 12

The Kansas City Star - 12

Boeing Military Aircraft Business - 10% of Staff

ZymoGenetics in Seattle - 320 Potential Job Losses due to Takeover Agreement

The Daily Freeman newspaper - 61

Aramark at Oriole Park at Camden Yards - 613 Possible Layoffs

Update: Sapulpa Oklahoma - 4 Firefighter, Get Job Cut Notice Tonight

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#1) On September 10, 2010 at 12:28 PM, Mary953 (84.21) wrote:

Just wondered if you were still at it.. 

Perhaps it is time to put away the credit card mentality along with the credit cards - and that includes cutting up the government's credit cards as a first step.

All the best, M

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