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Who is the smartest crook?



October 27, 2010 – Comments (1)

In America, running a Ponzi Scheme is a crime....just ask Bernie Madoff, Tom Petters, Bob Markmen, or any of the other people convicted or alleged of such behavior.....

In Mr. Markman's case, just thinking about being exposed caused him to take his own life, for the former two, they sit in jail for what will likely be the rest of their lives.

Today, the most prominant money manager in America came out and openly called the actions of the Federal Reserve a Ponzi Scheme.....and yet there is no reaction from the nation, no calls from Congress for prosecution, and basically silence from the media?

Bill Gross' Arrogant Endorsement of Fed's QE Policy he calls History's Most "Brazen Ponzi Scheme"

Why....because as we all sit back and reflect....if the fraud is revealed and acted upon to restore integrity back to the system, we are all instead, we choose apathy to avoid confronting reality as we prosecute and imprison men and women for much lesser crimes.

In such an environment, there is no liberty, no justice, no protection for propety rights.....there is simply Zombulation perpetuation of a fraudulent system.......something that no self respecting American could have ever dreamed would come to our nation......

The purpose for Alstry was simply to raise the issue and confront reality....confront it with fact after fact evidencing the destruction from we deal with it will be the mother of all questions as we move now that the lesser IQs are being told about the problem......the problem will have to be addressed.

How?.......welcome to the Digital Age.....

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#1) On October 27, 2010 at 6:33 PM, AltData (32.11) wrote:

Who is the smartest crook?

The one you never hear about.

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