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Who Lives In The Master's House When So Many Are Bailed Out By Government?



December 05, 2011 – Comments (1)


Yet the mainstream media tries to demonize this welfare recipient for living in only a million dollar home. Many welfare recipients are homeless because they were foreclosed upon by the Wall Street Taxpayer Bailed Out recipient.

Strange things happen when there is economic anarchy and no rule of law..... as government hands out as much or as little at it pleases to whoever it wants.

Are you the next to be Globally MFed?

Welcome to the Udder World

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#1) On December 07, 2011 at 12:37 PM, rfaramir (28.62) wrote:

"Federal agents raided the home this weekend but have not released the woman or her husband's name because they have not officially been charged with a crime."

So when are these agents going to jail for wrongful arrest? Violating human rights? The Gestapo now arrests first, then searches for a crime to charge them with?

"records show that they accurately listed the address of their current home when applying for the state and federal benefits" and "the law does not require officials to verify what type of home the benefits recipient is living in"

So what did they do wrong? Other than follow the law to their benefit, as any sane person would do.

No, more oversight of beneficiaries won't solve the problem; that would just add more intrusive inefficiency. No, more oversight of the officials won't solve the problem.

Only the free market is efficient and fair. Government handouts of confiscated (taxed) money always ends up politically distributed, inefficient, corruption-prone, and unfair.

So the solution is to stop all government handouts. All subsidies must end, whether to homeless, homeowners, oil companies, alternative energy companies, old (medicare), young (education), everyone. Once we've stopped all that, we can pay down the debt with the surplus, then once the debt is gone, reduce taxes.

The taxes (and money printing) to fund all this nonsense retards the free market from satisfying all our individual wants and needs. Government borrowing crowds out productive investment. Government provision of services crowds out more efficient private equivalents. It all needs to stop. Then we will be free and therefore more wealthy.

When we're all better off, those few who still need assistance, chronically or occasionally, will have wealthier neighbors and relatives who are more inclined and able to help them out privately. We are a generous people, when government doesn't get in the way.

The desire for your own liberty to do whatever you peacefully want with your own property is natural. Trusting others with that same liberty takes a little faith, letting go of control. The alternative, controlling others by force, doesn't accomplish what we want, does many things we do NOT want, and keeps us too poor to accomplish our individual objectives by ourselves.

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