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December 18, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: PLL.DL , SIEGY

Occasionally I haved posted about environmental concerns, and this is another such post. I am sure anyone who lives in the American Southeast or West has some idea that the amount of water available to you is likely to be an expensive and potentially fatal problem in the very near future. The synopsis of this book offers some insight into the severity of the problem in the West.

The homes you overpaid for are soon to be worth much less, when the price of your water is reflected in your taxes. The real problem however is that the amount of water you are using, exceeds the amount of water that is replaced. You are drying up. The scarcity of water is going to affect everything from home values, to shale mining.

There are two basic types of water, drinkable and not drinkable. Drinkable water supplies are in decline world wide due to pollution of drinkable water. The question; How bad is it? The answer; We don't know.

A leaked EPA memo reported that in the period between July 2006 through December 2007, 305 Clean Water Act enforcement cases were dropped and 147 were officially "de-prioritized." In 63 additional instances, polluters have used the Bush administration's interpretation of the Supreme Court decision as a shield against enforcement.

The regions with the most lost enforcement actions are EPA Region 6, which includes the states of New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, where 138 enforcement cases were dropped, and EPA Region 8, which includes the states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado, where 106 enforcement cases have been dropped.

I have said more than once that the economy will not be the worst Bush legacy.

Here is this story, from Earthjustice. They are an environmental organization under watch for potentially terrorist activities, being watched by an administration that has allowed the poisoning of drinking water. Earthjustice did not write the report, they merely reported on it. Ahead of the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and the Network News who likely never will.

The report titled "The Decline of the Clean Water Act Enforcement Program" was written by the Majority Staff, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and Majority Staff, Committee on Transportation and Infrastucture.

It can be read here.


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