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Why A Collapse Of The Industrial Age Is Mathematically Certain



January 27, 2011 – Comments (0)

And why a rise of the Digital Age will likely follow....which we view as positive and sustainable.

This is a response from my previous blog to a Fool indicating that inflation has always existed. responded for me.  You identified the Roman Empire.  The Roman Empire collapsed for reasons not too different than what we are going through right now.  Instread of printing and counterfeiting money, Rome started mixing metals into its gold and silver coins.

When I started blogging, Social Security wasn't supposed to run a sustained deficit until 2030.  Then it became 2020....then 2016.....but now its today, as the article on confirms from the CBO.

Essentially everything on America is running on a deficit.  The Federal Government, State Governments, Local Governments, Health Care, Education, Military, etc......

Few of us want to believe it....but it is what it is.....

Since deficits come with interest, we must MATHEMATICALLY increase the deficits each year to maintain the system.....under your assumption, we can keep borrowing our way into prosperity as the world is now running deficits.....

Such behavior, if you go back a few thousand years, has never been sustainable.  I was dead wrong on how long this borrowing could last...both legally and practically......but dead on on the direction of where things are heading.

I am not sure what will trigger an end to this as food and fuel prices keep rising and wages keep falling.  Unemployment will inevitably keep growing until the stress and tension causes a collapse.

Pay attention to We are tracking this on the side of the "decline of the industrial age."  You are seeing the early stages of population rebellion/revolutions.  But relax, there will we solutions identified on the "rise of the digital age."

Cooler heads will need to prevail.....and we at are really cool.

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