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Why Gamestop IS the best Retail Stock



January 06, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

From the single digit P/E, the ongoing laugh fest that is how the stock market treats the stock (punishing the Stock for producing 3.4% same store growth?)

Hello?  McFly?  Huge reason for the growth besides Black Ops is Kinect.   Why some may shrug off Kinect as just another *game accessory* it is in fact much more than that.  If Microsoft and 3rd party developers produce top quality games with excellent control (Uncaged Fighter ain't it...stay away from that one) then there will be a treasure trove of Gaming Goodness that people will tap.

Kinect should be looked as if Microsoft just released XBOX 580.... or XBOX 360 II... or whatever.  It is another Gaming Console....that just needs the XBOX 360 gaming console to operate on.

Remember Sega CD?  Sega CD was a Gaming Console system, first of its kind to use CD-ROM full motion video gaming.   Yet, you had to own a Sega Genesis in order to play Sega CD games because the Sega CD unit straps on top of Sega Genesis system.

So guess what folks?

Those video gamers that never migrated over to the Sega Genesis but were notivated to want to buy the SEGA CD...... Guess what they did?  They bought the Sega Genesis...and then the Sega CD.

Erhm?  Get where I am going with this?

Video Gamers that are Playstation or Nintendo WII  FanBoys/Girls may be motivated enough by the KINECT  full body motion device that they will buy an XBOX 360 + KINECT.

And where do you think they will go to buy the XBOX 360 gaming console + Kinect?



They don't have hardly anything when it comes to saving money.....  Video Games are expensive!!!

Video Gamers will go to (GAMESTOP)  (GME)  for the XBOX 360 + Kinect... so they can stock up on Used Kinect Video Games.

And guess when all this happens?  Q1 and Q2 2011  when people start spending their Gift Cards.

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