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Why Home Values Are Going To the RATS come out



July 15, 2011 – Comments (1)

At Udder World, we realized early that the move to THE CLOUD would be the greatest advancement of efficiency in human history.  It would eliminate most of the current jobs just like the tractor eliminated the need for most farmers.

....and there was no stopping the trend.  email is now replacing a million postal workers and support personel......ebooks is shutting down Borders and thousands of other bookstores...and we could go on and on.....

Borders on Brink of Liquidation

As jobs were lost and efficiency gained...revenues would evaporate....and the only way to keep the system going was through fraudulent lending.....first to homeowners and now government.

But one BIG problem w/government....who gets the proceeds of government, or WE THE PEOPLE's borrowing?  everyone is entitled to it.......but only a few are getting it.....and in very unequal amounts.

As more and more watched their cash flow drop below mininmum requirements, they would eventually get ZOMBULATED and wouldn't even be able to maintain their home or pay property taxes EVEN if the home was fully paid for just like in the Condo association below.

Once enough couldn't maintain their homes...values would reach zero for the association above.

And now Zombulation is spreading......airlines are cutting off cities......

Delta Air Lines looks to drop money-losing flying in up to 24 small cities

and government is firing hundreds of thousands....even established tech is firing large numbers now......

Cisco Said to Be Cutting as Many as 10,000 Jobs


Eventually, once cash flow drops low enough....most of the communities across America will be just like the Condo association above....worthless values when too many can't afford to simply maintain their properties and buy food/fuel at the same time.

Look can't stop the is the most efficient transformation in human history and it is Zombulating our current Consumption Based Economy......

I told you we were heading into a

It is now here as everyone in America fights to see who gets the governments printed/borrowed money.....

Wall Street/Main Street/Retirees/Stock Holders/Bond Holders/Families/Police Officers/Poor/Rich/Politicians/Students/Bankers/

It will be one really nasty fight as everyone things they are entitled to it....and as strange as this may sound, every citizen is entitled to the government's printed/borrowed money in a land where money is Freedom and government is WE THE PEOPLE.

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#1) On July 15, 2011 at 7:49 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

Economic outlook grim if no debt deal reached

Udder World warned you....if the government can't borrow, cash flow will evaporate....and essentially everything will shut down which we call Concentric Contraction just like the Condo Assoc above.

Now the CONVULSIVE Question is who gets the government's borrowed/printed money?

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