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Why I'm an Investor and not a Trader



October 15, 2007 – Comments (0)

I looked at my more recent picks and, to my amazement, have been wrong 75% of the time in my 60 most recent active picks.  This is all the more amazing when you consider that I'm an "All Star" with an 82 rating and 52+% accuracy rating (as of today, anyway).  So what that means is that I'm much better at picking long-term success than I am at picking short-term success.  That's why I'm not a trader.  Investing for the long term is much easier, in my opinion, than trying to "time the market" or investing on technicals.  I find, in fact, that those who rely on technical indicators often will buy when I find a stock overvalued and sell when I find a stock undervalued.  And in the short term, they are often right.  But that "weighing machine" kicks in during the longer term and patience pays off.

Thankfully, CAPS includes in your picks a time frame for your pick - that helps you tell whether a CAPS player is more of a "Trader" or more of an "Investor" - you'll notice many (if not most) of my picks are for several years out. 

So I won't be a multi-billionaire before age 50.  But maybe I will be allowed to retire with enough income to support my family and still help others!

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