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gnulaw (52.19)

Why is Yahoo! Deleting Messages* with Profound Legal Implications From Geeknet (LNUX) Message Board?



November 25, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: YHOO , GKNT.DL , AMZN

FINRA/SEC/EFF, we have a problem...




See 1. Geeknet (LNUX) - Large Institutional 13D Shareholder Put Pressure On Board Demanding to Unlock Value. Where is Geeknet now 21 Months Later?

Source: including comments 1-5.


See 2. Breaking News...13D Shareholder Appointed to Board [but] SourceForge (LNUX) Fails to Disclose this Fact

Source: including comments through #7.


*Note: Said Yahoo! Finance messages are from Q2 2008 and have been there since without incident/any warning of impropriety, violation of terms of use, etc. Said messages have only recently (Q4 2009) been deleted by Yahoo! and also without any notification.

Could said deletions be related to allegations against Jonathan Sobel, former Yahoo! General Counsel, and former Group President Media, Geeknet? 


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#1) On December 29, 2009 at 12:32 PM, gnulaw (52.19) wrote:

Issues of Fact.


AS A MATTER OF RECORD, this SourceForge News post* reference was [also] deleted by Yahoo!

* SourceForge (NASDAQ:LNUX) Continues to Fail in Creating [non-insider] Shareholder Value Source:

Note: Click the "Full story:" link (SourceForge Non-Insider Shareholder News at (this post was [also] deleted). Is their a link between Jon Sobel, former Yahoo General Counsel and former Group President, Media, Geeknet, and now current General Counsel for Tesla Motors, and the fact these specific posts have been allegedly fraudulently and illegally deleted? Undue Influence?....

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#2) On January 29, 2010 at 9:37 PM, gnulaw (52.19) wrote:

Sobel resigned from Tesla Motors last month...

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