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Why Natural Gas is priced so darn cheap. . .



April 14, 2009 – Comments (0)


As long as investors don't believe it will happen....the Natural Gas price will remain really, really, low.  But, the day it actually does pass Congress and get signed into law.. Natural Gas prices will soar and rally through the roof like no tomorrow.

Any companys exposed to Natural Gas in my opinion should benefit by passing on the Cap and Trade garbage onto consumers.

The cost to heat your home for an average American family is expected to escalate to over $3,000 in a single year.   The horrid policy of CAP and TRADE is so bad...Wall Streeters are convinced it will never happen.

But, we are talking about the same Administration that thinks Tax Hiking those who create Jobs and Tax Cutting those who don't makes sense.   We are talking about a JIMMY CARTER II era of America's Economy.

I still believe America's economy can rebound INSPITE OF   Pres. Jimmy Carter II.... But, Cap and Trade absolutely puts a wrench in that altogether.  

Factories, Warehouses.... They all need Heat.  Office buildings... Agencies.... They all need heat.
CAP and TRADE will decimate everything it touches.   

CAP and TRADE has me so scared that I am leaving the Stock Market completely if it happens.
Well... Except for any Natural Gas Equities that I have in my Portfolio.  I will keep those.

I fully expect that they day CAP and TRADE happens we will see DOW 5,000 or less in an instant.

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