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Why Rising Food And Fuel Prices Is Good For America



January 24, 2011 – Comments (0)

As you know, we Americans spend the least on Food and Fuel as a percentage of our total income compared to just about any nation in the world....

As food and fuel prices rise, it will force Americans to cut back on things like insurance, discretionary spending,  and buying foreign goods......

By buying less foreign goods, we will export fewer dollars overseas preventing massive numbers of foreigners from driving up food and fuel prices even further.  Not only will we export less dollars, we will produce less waste savings additonal fuel disposing and recycling the trash.

My guess is we will really see a big impact in consumption as gasoline prices approach $4.50 per gallon......a redution in consuption will force America to proceed forward into the Digital Age much faster driving efficiencies never experienced before.

For example, we could shut down the post office, which is currently losing billions per year, and transfer delivery of documents to existing Fed Ex and UPS and limit delivery to just a few days per week and force people to transfer to more ecologically sound eMail.

In addition to not forcing over 600,000 postal workers to enslave their lives to delivering mostly worthless junk mail, we will save the consumption of millions of gallons of gasoline and large amounts of conservation from shutting down over 15,000 post office buildings and countless distribution centers.

Going forward, by transferring much of current government functions to cloud based delivery, we could probably reduce government workforce by 2/3 and reduce staffing by at least 15,000,000 people.  Think of all the fuel saved by not forcing 15 million people to drive to work to perform now functionally obsolete tasks and all the taxpayer money not saved not having to pay them essentially eliminating the need for state income or property taxes.

Going forward, we will identify these inevitable trends and consequences of these trends driving America to sustainability as we outsource many of our industrial jobs and proceed forward into the Digital Age. 

For example, if we simply reduced the workforce by the millions above....we could have parents now warehoused in nursing homes taken care of by their children saving billions each year.  Just this savings alone would reduce the financial stress on the governments barely able to keep up with their bills.

It is now time for some sustainable out of the box thinking......and solutions like the above and much more will be available at

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