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Why so Few Get It....or Alstry



February 08, 2010 – Comments (1)

Most people think of Alstry as negative or doom and is the furthest thing from reality.  Alstry is simply documenting the shutting down of the Industrial Age and preparing for the rise of the Alstrynomic Digital Age.

Most of what we do, how we do it, and time we spend doing it in the Industrial Age will be allocated very differently in the Alstrynomic Age.

For example, if I said income taxes would be abolished tomorrow, most Fools would be jumping for joy.....unless you are one of the hundreds of thousands of tax preparers now out of a job and the landlords for the same.  Or if I said you were going to be able to receive your mail instantly on your computer, many already do, but it is displacing hundreds of thousands of postal workers.  Same can be said for on line delivery of movies shutting down thousands of video stores and tens of millions of square feet of retail space.

What we talked about in the days is now becoming reality.

We are just in the infancy of this process......we could eliminate over 4,000,000 teacher positons if our children simply went to school on line......not to mention massive savings of fuel by avoiding commuting, electricity and other resources.

The digital age will be very efficient.....far more efficient than many can imagine.  You will visit the doctor at home.  Shopping will be from you bedroom.  But with efficiency comes diplacement...displacement of workers, displacement of real estate, displacement of the usage of resources.

Based on conversations with a number of high level individuals lately, I have little doubt Alstry is one of the national experts on this transition process and how it will affect our economy, society, and potential impact on international relations.

It is clear, even today, few have connected the dots.  But going forward, the changes will be fast and furious.....the only question now is how will man make this transition process...........hang on, the world is spinning fast.....and man doesn't like to spin.

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#1) On February 08, 2010 at 12:34 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:


Ailing St. Vincent's Hospital will remain on life support at least through the end of the month thanks to an additional $3 million state loan, Gov. Paterson said Sunday.

The loan is the latest shot in the arm for the cash-strapped hospital, which is carrying a $700 million debt load and is bleeding $5 million to $10 million a month.

Less than a week ago, Paterson gave the city's last Catholic general hospital a no-interest $6 million loan to help it make payroll.

Paterson's office said the latest bailout came after days of emergency meetings with the Greenwich Village hospital's brass, unions and creditors.

He hinted the hospital will have to implement major cost-cutting measures to survive.

Major cost cutting measures??????

How about some serious amputations and organ removals.

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