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Why Students Will Soon Be Rioting In America



February 11, 2011 – Comments (0)

There are two convulsive trends going on in America right now....and a large part of the Industrialized world.

1st.  We are adopting labor efficient technology that is decreasing the need for humans to labor.  The easiest example is email replacing traditional mail...cutting the need for letter carriers, postal workers, buildings, paper manufacturers, motor vehicles etc.....another easy one is Net Flix replacing the tradtional brick and mortar video stores and plastic DVDs/CDs....and we could go on and on....with virtual education is on the brink of bringing the very labor efficient approaches to teaching driving incredible results.....

Right now the trend for labor efficiency is moving much faster than our ability to create functional replacement jobs.

As a result....the need for labor going forward is going to be a lot less than America's historical needs.....and current societal expectations is still for our youth to get "good" jobs driving a lot of frustration.

2nd.  In the past America as the center of production for the world...producing the products advancing our citizens great jobs and high standards of, many of our Wall Street companies have outsourced our jobs and technology overseas.......drecreasing the opportunities for our own citizens.....and now the trend is to move up the food chain outsourcing higher level jobs.

For the past ten years...Wall Street replaced the revenues from production with increasing the lending/debt to our citizens maintaining the illusiton of a functioning economy.....all was fine as long as the credit flowed...until the credit stopped flowing.

If you couple  labor saving technological efficiencies with NET outsourcing of jobs to lower paying nations....the opportunities for our children are the worst they have ever been in American history relative to the prior generations.

Going forward...conditions are only going to get worse as the drive to greater efficiency will only lead to more layoffs and more outsourcing...especially in health care and government...the two primary employers in America.

Where things really get problematic is we function as a system requiring HIGH employment drives tax receipts to government and our ability to consume....and as government tax receipts decline....government will have to reduce labor further contracting the ability for citizens to work...

THE FRUSTRATION LEVELS WILL ONLY GET HIGHER FROM THIS POINT FORWARD....especially for our youth with little to do....

For those of you looking backwards......America in the past was the beneficiary of manufacturing much of the world techology for the past few generations.......and our lifestyles and growing economy reflected that....

Now we produce little.....borrow a lot.....and CHARGE INTEREST against a declining production it is becoming impossible to service debt without borrowing more money as capacity to produce is deminishing.....especially for our youth.

Mathematically...conditions must get worse as banks will have fewer and fewer outlets to lend to.......and as condtions get worse, the frustration levels will get higher until something pops.....

whether that be domestic unrest or external war is still uncertain.....but you can be highly confident one is very likely on the horizon in the not too distant future......and when its over.....we will be well on our way to the Digital Age as dicussed at



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