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Why Suze Orman Sucks But I Still Watch Her Show



November 09, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: GOOGL

First, if you are a Suze Orman fan, I feel sorry for you.  She probably easily gives the worst advice and most inconsistent advice on the entire CNBC network.  She makes Jim Cramer look like a Financial God.  I watch the show mainly as a comedy and just because very few shows have me as hooked as her 'comedy hour'.

My complaints in no order:

1) She knows at most the very basics of investing and finance and holds a BA in "social work"

2) She gives inconsistent advice every single show during "Can I Afford This".  This is probably my biggest complaint on TV these days regarding finance in any way.  She will use one criteria for one caller (savings) and then another criteria for another (current age), and then another (monthly income), etc.  It seems like if you went by her "real criteria" no one would be able to "afford this".  Last week they had some 69 year old call in wanting to go on some vacation that was over $10,000.  Guy had like $27,000 in savings and he was "APPROVED".  Some other person a few weeks ago asks to cloth their children for $1000 and they get "DENIED".

3) The callers are borderline stupid on her show.  Perhaps this is how Suze Orman seems so smart to these callers.  I kid you not on this one lady that called in (about 50 years old): "Yeah I don't believe in saving money or stocks or securities, instead I have antiques... they are worth $20,000... in a few years I believe all stocks and money will be worthless... that is my opinion".  Are you kidding me?  Unless she is holding Picasso paintings or something, her antiques which replace her savings are trash.  On top of that, she probably represents a large % of Americans these days that have no clue about stocks or proper investing.

4) Suze Orman comes across as a wannabe guru.  This quote says it all about her "knowledge": "Orman invested the money ($50,000) at Merrill Lynch, but four months later was broke again, after her stockbroker had led her into bad investments"

5) She thinks she is smart.

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#1) On November 09, 2009 at 11:31 AM, jamiekanfly (< 20) wrote:

I agree. She made recommendations about which companies to purchase disability insurance and he company she recommended has been out of the marketplace the last decade. She needs to do her homework! I think the only "A" she gets is for self promotion!

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#2) On November 09, 2009 at 11:45 AM, mikecart1 (75.07) wrote:

Yeah jamiekanfly,

I seriously question CNBC networks for having her on TV.  She is giving horrible advice everyday on her show.  If it was always bad, then it would be consistent but it is never consistent.  One show she DENIED everyone because I think someone taught her the future annuity formula for money today vs. x years from now.  So everyone who asked if they could afford it got DENIED because that $$$ they wanted to spend would be worth thousands 20 years from now.  LOL.  She is very stupid.  If that is her basis, deny everyone. 

But last week she APPROVED everyone who wanted to go on some anniversary vacation ranging from $5000-$10000+.  Then she DENIED a person wanting to buy a diamond ring for $2500 - the only purchase throughout the segment that doesn't depreciate!!! LOL! 

$2500 diamond ring that will still be worth money 20 years from now.


$10000 vacation to the African safari that will be worth $0 1 day after vacation LOL.

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