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Why The Gardner Bros, and Alstry, ARE WORTHLESS INVESTORS



November 21, 2011 – Comments (0)


Risk must attach to reward. If not, people start behaving immorally without consequence. It is like having Christianity without Hell.

When WE THE PEOPLE borrow the money, WE THE PEOPLE owe it back....therefore EVERYBODY should get the proceeds equitably, and not just a privileged few.

Otherwise the rich should now payback the national debt that they benefitted from...and in doing so, all of the rich will become poor.

Without capitalism, you CAN'T have investing.....because the balance sheet, morally and functionally, are all bankrupt...and the only think keeping things going is a financial fraud when applying the rules of Capitalism.

If you don't restore morality back to the system, the only choice for people NOT BAILED OUT eventually becomes  violence....which is a form of money....defined as a means to obtain the production of another.

The other two forms of money are LOVE and BARTER(currency, gold etc...).....and as our once Capitalistic continues to break down......none of us really know where this is going....especially since so few really understand what is happending.

Welcome to the appears violence is spreading everywhere right now....unless WE THE PEOPLE demand a change in direction.

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