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Why The Gardner Bros. Are No Longer Competent To Advise You



April 05, 2011 – Comments (0)

By the way, I would be more than happy to publicly debate the following in any forum of the brothers the Fool of Fool it's now time to wake up the Fools.

There is no such concept as INDEPENDENT WEALTH in an industrialized democracy.  The only reason anyone has the "perception" of wealth in America is because the system of America remains intact.

The system remains intact for two primary forces, the rule of law is the mortar holding the structure together and food/fuel is the energy driving the system.  If either deteriorate, the system deteriorates.

As the system breaks down, the perception of wealth is quickly wiped away as wealth is simply one's ability to control production of others.....and others can't produce without an intact system.  

Systems break down from moral decay, phsyical decay, and complacancy among other causes.  When we stop caring about the system, and only about ourselves, inevitably deterioration occurs around us even if we don't perceive such deterioration.

In an industrialized society, we are trained to be specialized and not systematic thinkers.  As long as you do your job, everything will be fine....and as long as the system is fine, everything is fine.

Sorta like the Gardner Bros., and much of the world, saying this is what worked in the past, so it will work in the future...but few care about what really worked in the past....such as the rule of law, legitimate creation of money/production, etc....

But as soon as the system starts to break down, EVERYTHING within it starts to collapse....including those that perceive they are "wealthy" because their wealth is dependent on the integrity of system....and few ever dwell on the system because they didn't have to.

It is only when the system collapses that all realize we are COLLECTIVELY DEPENDENT on each other's production is specialized economy and society......and then a new system is created.

Our system is collapsing......there is no doubt about..the rule of law is emasculated....we are bailing out a few and not the and fuel prices are skyrocketing out of control.....and more and more are not producing for a corrupted and immoral sytstem....either by choice or by circumstance.

When you corrupt a system to try to sustain it, you may create the temorary perception of prospeity for a while...but inevitably cracks widen and the system will crash again......

But don't fret, eventualy a new system will develop......humaity is incredibly resilliant.


in the mean time, we are all sucking on an Industrial Cow that is running the mean time, as we transition from the Industrial Age to the Digital is a

Who is John Galt?  Who is Alstry?

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