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Why the RICH should no longer be rich in America



August 01, 2011 – Comments (0)

In the past, most of the RICH earned their money in America....regardless of whether you liked the system or not...there was a set of rules and laws and we stuck by them.....THAT IS AMERICA!!!  a nation run by the rule of law.

Today.....America is bankrupt.  Just like Madoff or Enron.  Government is bankrupt.....The FDIC is bankrupt, Pension Guaranty is bankrupt....and much more.

Now government, including our justice system, is shutting down across the nation as the previous blog illustrates.

Here is where things get interesting.....who do we BAIL OUT when America is bankrupt?

We NEVER bailed out Bernie Madoff's clients....they were RICH......we NEVER bailed out Enron shareholders, many of them were rich....we don't bail out rich citizens on Main Street whose busineses fail.

However, now we are bailing out Wall Street even though it is bankrupt and letting the rest of America implode......right before your eyes.......yet most of you sit there, say nothing and watch.

IT IS TIME TO BANKRUPT AMERICA....Bankrupt the FDIC....bankrupt the Banks.....bankrupt the insurance companies.....bankrupt Wall Street......

Just like we are doing to tens of millions on Main Street everyday.....

And then watch the Rich become them squirm.....just like how the tens the millions on Main Street are suffering each day.

You either bail out everyone equally.....or bail out NO ONE!!!!!

That is the Alstry way....welcome to as we head into the Digital Age.

Update: HSBC Bank - Another 25,000 for a Total of 30,000 Layoffs

Alabama Courts - 250+

The Minneapolis Fire Department - up to 50 Possible

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