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Why You Should Take Boeing With a Grain of Salt



October 13, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: BA

HUZZAH. The Dreamliner is finally ready to be shipped out and sold, marking the pivotal point in which years of financial dumbweight, liability, and overextension are turned into something potentially gamechanging. However, just because the Dreamliner has the potential to carry Boeing to new heights doesn't mean it will. Short-term, the Dreamliner will not significantly improve Boeing's bottom line; in fact, the culmination of the profitability of the Dreamliner will take years, and chances are short-term investors who have bought into the hype of the Dreamliner will soon realize the mediocracy of Boeing.

3 Year EPS Growth Rate: -9% 

EPS Estimate Change (as of this Quarter): -4% 

Average EPS Growth of Last 3 Quarters: -10% 

EPS Estimate % Change (as of this Year): 0.95%

Sales % Change from Last Quarter:6% 

3 Year Sales Growth Rate: 1%

Debt/Equity ratio: 415%


As you can see from this financial snapshot, Boeing, as of right now, needs to get its act together, regardless of the unveiling of the Dreamliner.


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