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Will Hurricane Langone Drive GKNT Shareholders To Evacuate as Patients Did at Langone Medical? Q3 Ending Sep 30



November 09, 2012 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GKNT.DL , IAC , AMZN

(Geeknet:GKNT) again (yawn) reports continuing losses Q3 FY2012 ending September 30th. Stock free falls to $15.98.

As the corporation formerly known as VA Linux Systems reported continuing losses Langone [1] Medical was evacuating patients given their backup generators failed during Hurricane Sandy [2,3,4].

Will Hurricane Langone drive GKNT shareholders to evacuate Fellini Satyricon Meets Barbarians of the Gate?

There is simply nothing more to say about this preposterous clusterf**k of a company and faux Board and management, which has not already been meticulously reported on this Blog over the years [5][6][7][8][9][10].

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[1]  Ken Langone is also Chairman of (NASDAQ:GKNT)

[2]  Oct 30 Backup Generator Fails; NYU Medical Center Evacuated

[3]  Oct 31  N.Y. hospital staff carry sick babies down 9 flights of stairs during evacuation

[4]  Oct 30 Patients Evacuated From City Medical Center After Power Failure

[5]  Oct 13 [Update1] Pervasive Software PVSW In Hostile Takeover. White Knight LOEB to the Non-Insider Shareholders Rescue (incl comments 1-7)

[6]  Aug 04 $GKNT Q2 Ending June 30 - Thinkgeek, Bucky Balls Consumer Complaints and continuing losses (incl comments 1-3)

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[8]  Feb 18 (Update2) (Geeknet:GKNT) A Geek Tragedy - Q4/FY Ending 12/31/11 (incl comments 1-18)

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[10]  Nov 15 2011 (NASDAQ:GKNT) Q3 Ending Sep 30: Fellini Satyricon meets Barbarians at the Gate (incl comments 1-8)

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