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Will Netflix be Beat?



July 13, 2011 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: NFLX

Board: Netflix

Author: DGrimes75

I'll be honest. I love Netflix. I love the idea of Netflix....but with their current business philosophy, they will be beat.

Netflix is not a business that is focused on consumers. Yes, they offer unlimited deals. That does not make them a consumer oriented company.

I love Netflix and I'm furious with them at the same time. Let's start with why I use Netflix.

- Unlimited service
- Steaming service should be a nice addition*
- Simple and easy to use

Why someone will beat Netflix

- When you select a movie into your saved list...does it give a single decent movie that correlates with your selection? No, not even remotely. In fact the move selection is simply based on similar actors...but only their crappy movies. Good for Netflix (short term) bad for consumers (long term).

- A new movie comes you think it is suggested to anyone. Do you think there is a list of new movies that you have to get on your DVD queue? Not a chance. They intentionally make it difficult to find new movies...cause that would hurt their profits. Good for Netflix (short term) bad for consumers (long term).

- Have any of you ever tried to contact Netflix? I have...that is why I am here. Their website does not encourage consumer feedback. Why? Because they can't sort the good feedback from the bad. This means that the only feedback they will get is the incredibly irate consumers. For them it is too late. All I want to do is give them feedback that they are one second from losing me for good. Just show me some sign that you care and I may stay.

- How frequently do you watch their streaming movies? I desperately try...and I fail. Their streaming movie selection is abysmal. I'd have more luck shopping the $1.99 movie selection at WMT. This needs to be the future of Netflix if they want to win. 95% of all movies suck and are old. The only way I will ever watch them is if I think they are "free." So if I want to watch a movie more than 2 years should be streamed. The only way these items will ever make it to the top of my DVD list is if I'm not paying attention. The big opportunity with Netflix is not in minimizing the number of movies I watch in order to maximize their profit off of me. The big opportunity is locking me into Netflix so that I don't ever watch anything else. Their view is short term...not realizing that someone (can't wait for who) will figure out that I will watch them instantly if they have a better selection. The only reason that I have Netflix still is because HBO GO isn't quite there yet with my cable supplier.

- This is not about raising the retail. I'd pay $30/month for a single Blu-Ray with streaming...if I was getting what I paid for. I just cut my service back from the Streaming+DVD back to just DVD. Why? Because I desperately tried to find a streaming movie that doesn't suck...and I failed.

- I am a Netflix DVD+Streaming customer...and I spend more on Amazon on Demand because the Netflix selection just doesn't cut it. It probably make sense for me to get the 3 DVD so that I can watch more than one at once, but at that price I'll switch.

So please get word to Netflix. Teach them that if they take care of the consumer, I'll never even consider HBO GO or HULU or Amazon or whatever is next. You are in the lead, and you act like no one can touch you. Yet you are failing to listen and you are failing to learn about my viewing habits...which means you will fail to keep me.

I am hoping that I am wrong. I love their model...but it is short lived. Let's hope that it is short lived in order to pay for the improvements needed to win. Otherwise I am just one more lost customer.


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#1) On July 13, 2011 at 12:32 PM, davejh23 (< 20) wrote:

Agreed.  I use HULU a lot and Amazon occasionally, and will never go back to Netflix.  Nearly every cable/satellite company has better free on demand options than Netflix as well.  They're slow to respond to competition and it may already be too late for them...they can try to improve their service as they raise rates to maintain revenue, but once a customer discovers a suitable alternative, it's over.  Wouldn't be suprised to see them lose subscribers every year YoY from here on out...

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#2) On July 13, 2011 at 1:20 PM, miteycasey (29.06) wrote:

I was off work one day, with no wife or kids. so it was just me and I  spent an hour looking over all the streaming movie options.

I think I found 3 movies to watch, not including TV shows.It didn't help that 'Birdcage' was listed as a 'new movie'. It came out in 1996.

If I was streaming it would be to watch the few year old TV shows that I didn't get into at the time, or were on HBO. Californiacation looks interesting.


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