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Will Tim Pawlenty please rejoin the GOP race?



January 19, 2012 – Comments (1)

On May 16, 2011, I predicted the GOP Primary exacta as Pawlenty over Romney.  That prediction isn't looking too good as Pawlenty quit back in August.

Or is it.  Think about who is left for a second. 

Mitt Romney, the cult member with hundreds of millions of dollars he made buying out companies and laying people off who calls $374k he made from speaking fees "not very much".  This is the same guy who used to support gay rights and abortion rights when he was in Massachusetts, but then he reversed position to run for President as a Republican.  And the same guy who made Obamacare for his own state but claims he's against Obamacare for the whole nation. 

Newt Gingrich, the Speaker of the House from the 90's who is associated with government shutdowns.  Oh yeah, and the failed impeachment of Clinton for having an affair with an intern and then lying about it.  The same guy who supports family values but has divorced twice to marry a woman he was having an affair with.  Discussing his current wife causes problems with the profanity filter which is really not good for a family values Republican.

Ron Paul, the libertarian who has plenty of ideas that aren't exactly ready for prime time.  Shut down the Fed, etc.  Also, because he's a low ranker in the "likely to win" category, he gets a pass from the media about some racist newsletters he published back in the day.  If he became a true frontrunner he'd be found to have quite a bit of baggage.

Rick Santorum who apparently appeals to social conservatives.  I don't know what the guy is about but he doesn't appeal much to me.  I really don't know much of what he's about.  However, I do know this - this election is not about social conservatives.  It's about jobs and government spending.

So basically the game of "anyone but Romney" is starting to get difficult to play.  That doesn't mean we still don't want to play it though.  Gingrich?  Are you f***ing kidding me?  This megalomaniacal swine is being taken seriously for as a candidate for President because there aren't many options left. 

Gingrich being taken seriously means only one thing - we need someone else in the race.  Pawlenty dropped after the Iowa straw poll because he wasn't really getting much traction.  Think about what big news it would be if he rejoined the race now.  He's a reasonable guy.  He doesn't have a lot of baggage.  He was governor of Minnesota.  Think about how the "anyone but Romney" game suddenly changes if he just says "I'm broke but I'm throwing my hat back in the ring".

He'd win.  Pawlenty over Romney.

Calling Tim Pawlenty!!!!  Please come back to the race!!!  We need you!!!

The James News Channel.  Unfair.  Unbalanced.  And Unashamed.



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#1) On January 19, 2012 at 2:41 PM, PeteysTired (< 20) wrote:

TPaw is a fraud RINO.  TPAW, Mitt and Obama are really not much different than one another. 

You are way better off with Mr. Paul.

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