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January 21, 2008 – Comments (1)

No, not in investing.  May not be any winning for some time in that arena. I find myself, a NY Giants fan living in New England, and wondering what I'm going to do about the game.

If NE wins, well, that's great.  It's been a real pleasure to watch them play all year.  They are just awesome, and may have ruined my watching 'regular' good football teams for years to come.  Plus, as an old Giants fan, how can I not root for Belichek?

If NY wins, also great.  I've always been a fan and went to a couple of games this year (haven't been to a NE game in ages).  My dad shares season tickets with a cousin. My grandparents (mid-90s) live near to the stadium, so going to games is a bit of an excuse to visit.  They are a good but not great team, but really pulled it together the last few games (now just don't resign that overrated moron Shockey).

Honestly, I'd prefer NE to win.  I like underdog rooting, but would rather see the history made (I've seen NYG win superbowls - I've never seen undefeated).  The game feels a lot like NE in 1985 going into the superbowl against Chicago (also after winning 3 playoff road games).  Hope it at least is a good game.

So go NE, unless of course go NYG.  Win-Win I tell you.


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#1) On January 22, 2008 at 1:58 AM, DemonDoug (31.53) wrote:

This is a lose-lose for me.  I hate the patriots, and I hate the giants, the only team i hate worse than those guys are the cowboys, I feel like it's like Russia and China fighting a war and I have to root for one side even though I think they are both bastardly evil countries, this is going to be the worst super bowl ever.  Fortunately there's a great party I go to every year but I have no one to root for.  I think, like any good Philly fan, I'm going to root for severe injuries for key players on both teams, and cheer them.  A good bodybag game would be the only thing that would salve this super bowl.

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