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Windows Flaw lets a Website Upload Pictures of You Naked!



December 21, 2006 – Comments (0)

Can you imagine the headlines if that were the case?

Can you imagine the lack of headlines if it were the case with Apple?

Well, it is -- or was -- until recenty, according to this summary at slashdot. (

The most amusing thing here is the response from the masses. Instead of outrage from the geeks about the existnance of such an obvious flaw, Apple gets praise for taking only 20 days to fix it!


That kind of hare-brained idolatry is why I'm long Apple in caps, and am considering it in RL. The hype for these products is so far overblown, it's amazing. And the fact that much of it's undeserved, far from unique, or shamelessly derivative of the work of others -- like the Mac OS or iPod, for example -- doesn't matter. Perceptions become truth after a while. (If they didn't, no one would blow all that money on advertising and spin doctors.)

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