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Without Government There Are No Rights



August 13, 2012 – Comments (0)

Every right you have comes from Government.  The right to get married, the right to own property, the right of citizenship, the laws we function under, the right to own a stock in a public company, etc.....

Three years ago, when I started blogging under the name Alstry, I created and defined the term Zombulation.  It was even cited in the New York Times by the late William Safire.  Zombulation was defined as what occured when a person, business, and/or government entity ran out of income, savings and access to credit.

It was clear back in 2005 that most of our private sector was simply functioning by an unprecedented amount fraudulent lending (as defined by knowing or should knowing that the loan couldn't be paid back when originated) to the private sector...

And...once you cut off credit to the private sector, tax and other revenues to government would soon evaporate and government would soon also become insolvent.

Today, government is functioning by a MASSIVE multi trillion dollar deficit.  A deficit so large that no nation or entity in the world has sufficent dollars to fund it.  Since the market crash in 2007....Wall Street and Washington have maintained operations by borrowing OVER $5 trillion dollars(the total amount borrowed by both the public and private sector from 1776 to 1980)....which by the way is the basis for much of the "cash on the sidelines."......and much of that borrowing has come from our investment, retirement and pension accounts through the purchase of corporate and government bonds.....including money market funds. credit has NOT been restored to the private sector.....the deficits to our cities, counties, states and Federal Government has been increasing steadily.......and access to credit has been decreasing as of late evidenced by rising interest rates, services being cut off and increasing articles about municipal defaults.

What was frustrating to me, after talking to economists, judges, scientists, public company executives, bank presidents and more.....very few people fully appreciated or understood the dynamic between government solvency(Zombulation) and personal/property government had NEVER been systematically insolvent before.

Even fewer understood that the only reason Wall Street functioned was and is because it was able to sell toxic debt and securites to our pension, retirement, and investment accounts.....Over $5 trillion in the last few years alone....AFTER infecting our accounts with trillions of toxic mortgage backed securities.

Even though the main street and the private sector was in a depression, most didn't care as Wall Street flourished and Washingtion kept operating with business as usual due to borrowing.....but now, as revenues continue to remain depressed and obligations rising.....more and more services that we took for granted are being cut off as access to credit is becoming burdened.......

In addition, Tension and Anger is rising between Governments' need for revenues and the Citizens' ability to fund government and still financially function.  As financial burdens incrase, more and more cannot afford health insurence and basic necessities such as food, fuel and shelter. 

What those citizens who perceive themselves as solvent don't understand is that everything that defines their wealth is a function of a solvent government......and now, insolvent governments need everything those citizens have to function.

As there was no credible source analyzing Zombulation and the impact on the nation.....I created the online news source to track news stories about Zombulation and the dynamic between citizens rights and government's solvency.

In addition, as systems shut down due to Zombulation...innovation will drive new systems and organizational structures for humanity to function as much of the world we currently know will morph into something different.

In sum, will track the transition from Zombulation to Digital Transformation.

It will not be the end of the world, but merely the end of a world as we knew it......and the beginning of a fresh and sustainable new system as much of what we currently function with and under will be obsolete.

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