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Without Government...YOU Have NOTHING!!!



March 01, 2011 – Comments (0)

Your money in the bank....GONE  (bailed out and insured by Government)

Your stocks and bonds.....GONE  (bailed out by government)

Your Defense system.......GONE (government runs the military)

Your trip to the Grocery Store....GONE  (government provides the security and infastructure to get there...and without government there would be anarchy and criminals trying to steal your money on the way to the store and taking your groceries when leaving)

Your Great Health Care System...GONE (most dollars to health care comes from government or the insurnance of government workers)

Your Attempt to Exit the Country....GONE  (govenrment maintains most of our airports)

Your Glass of Water.....GONE...(government provides the security to deliver it safely)

Your Home Value.....GONE....without the Above it is worthless

and we could go on and on and non

In the end, the only reason you have any net worth is because of Government....Warren Buffett KNOWS this as he sent letter to his rich Uncle Sam a few months ago thanking government for bailing him out, otherwise he would have gone bankrupt.

Now Government is Broke, it went broke bailing out the nation.....and your Uncle Needs YOU.........and it needs a LOT!!!!!

And the more immediate convulsive issue is whether there should be any private property at all when essentially all value now comes from the PUBLIC borrowing money?

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