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Won't Someone Please think of the Children!



December 19, 2006 – Comments (0)


That started as a blog post, but when Caps barfed on me, I begain writing it up, and it seemed like it deserved a bit fuller treatment.

Still, I bring it back home to roost here, in my own little sandbox.

Key thesis:

"I get a lot of interesting email, some of it from an active and successful scam watcher. Today, he gets a nod for pointing me toward an interesting article in the op-ed section of TheNew York Times. (Login required.)

Briefly put, it notes the brand-new shift toward less regulatory pressure on U.S. companies, noting "The Justice Department started by saying it would restrict prosecutors in corporate corruption cases. The Securities and Exchange Commission followed a day later by proposing looser auditing standards for thousands of smaller public companies."

"Less," you ask?

Yes, less. After all, a lot of powerful people think America's most precious little ones (corporations) need protection from the excesses of those who have tried to wheel in the corruption that typified the excess of the last big bubble. The usual bogeyman is Sarbox, but, as the Times notes, the efforts seem to have snowballed to include other enforcement."

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