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Worst Christmas Season in U.S History



November 09, 2012 – Comments (0)

Glen Beck's The Blaze is tallying up the thousands upon thousands of layoffs or full time jobs being converted into Part Time jobs:

What is hillariously sad is the Main Stream Media has everyone revved up regarding the "FISCAL CLIFF" as if that is the only thing one should worry about and once it is solved...RALLY RALLY RALLY!!!!!

Right????  Good times!!!!  Fiscal Cliff solved....

That is what the media wants investors to believe.

But the real scary thing is Obamacare is just around the corner with its 21 tax hikes and solving the fiscal cliff isn't going to be dealing with that.

Many of the reasons you'll see employers laying people off or converting workers to part time is NOT BECAUSE of the FISCAL CLIFF.....  It is either because of Obama's energy policy (or hatred of) and Obamacare.

How in BLAZES do we have this notion of 84+ on Consumer Sentiment index when we know for a fact that consumers cut back on spending when their hours are slashed or they are layed off from their jobs.

No spending...... The *REAL WORLD* gets shoved under the carpet in favor of consumer sentiment index.

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