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Would you hire these people ? are elections really honest or rigged



November 02, 2012 – Comments (1)

Despite lower approval  numbers  than  terrorists,  molesters of  children,  and  that abnoxious  drunk  uncle  that always  ends up  starting  problems  at  the  family reunion picnics,  2012  will  see  record numbers  of  scum bag  politicians  slide back  in  highly  over-paid ~  no-show needed ~  so called  vital  jobs.

It's  like  the ultimate  union  where you can basically  get caught with  your hands in the cookie jar  and  your  junk  in  that  other woman's  truck,   and  yet  face  little  to no consequences,  if  anything  you can  do like  Jessie Jackson  JR   and  simply  no  come to work  and  claim  medical  and psychological  problems  in addition  to substance  abuse  simply  prevent  you from  doing  anything,  yet  you still can get paid,  very well paid  if  you count all the back room dealings  and  cradle  to grave  life-long benefits  from entering  the  second oldest  profession  in  the world,  being a  politician.

According  to the below  article:

The re-election percentage for House incumbents in the modern era — 1964 to 2010 — has rarely dipped below 80 percent, even in "wave" election years when the president saw members of his party sent packing, such as Bill Clinton in 1994 (52 House seats lost), George W. Bush in 2006 (30 seats lost) and Barack Obama in 2010 (63 seats lost).

Senate re-election hasn't always been as sure a thing. In 1980, when Republican Ronald Reagan ousted Democratic President Jimmy Carter from the White House, nine Senate incumbents fell and the re-election percentage for incumbents fell to 55 percent. Two years later, however, it was back up to 93 percent.


Storey said people decide where to live for a variety of reasons, but the conventional view still stands — rural America is predominantly Republican and urban America is strongly Democratic. The suburbs provide some intersection of the two, and that line moves in and out depending on the election. Other factors come into play, too. The 1965 Voting Rights Act limits what nine states can do in drawing up new districts, to ensure that minorities are represented in Congress.

Just being in office helps a candidate a lot. Incumbents typically have a considerable advantage in raising money, making it difficult for challengers to unseat them.

The result is that next week, despite the public's frustration, Americans won't be sending many incumbents to the want ads or unemployment offices.

It  almost  begs  to  question  whether  the votes  are actually  counted  or  if  we  are simply  fooled  into believing  they  are.

Anyone  remember  the  scene  in  Gangs  of  New York  where  they  run  out  of  ballots  and  have  counted  so many votes  as  to be  like  double  or triple  the actual  numbers  of   real  living  persons  in  the area.  And   the  politicians  in  charge  simply  command  that  they keep  counting  votes,  and  that  they  keep counting  them  in  the way  they  want  the outcome  to be  determined.

Sadly,  voting  in American  has  turned into like  a  wrestling  script  where  the  winners  have  already  been  decided,  and  ignorant  voters  are  simply  like  fans  of  wrestling  somehow  thinking  what  they  are  seeing  and experiencing  is  some  type  of  real  unscripted  sport.

Oh sure,  occasionally  someone might get his or  her neck broken,  or  fall  from  the ceiling to  land  and  die  in  utter pain,  but  most  of  the time,  it's  really  like  going  to  the  theatre  or  opera  and  watching   them  entertain us with plays from shakespeare  or  something  like  cats.

Real  change,  unfortunately,  will  have to come  at  the end of the sword.

Did  the colonies,  vote  themselves away from  the  british empire,  and  that  was  it ?

Nope  we  had  to  win  our  independence  with  bloodsheed  and  many  deaths.

Sadly,  it seems  the only  way  to  unseat  many  incumbents  like   Charles  Rangel,  Joe  Bidden,  Nancy Pelosi,   is  with  their  deaths,  and  even  than  it would seem  like most voters  or  votes  would  still elect  them back into office  despite  them  no longer living.

Rigged ?

Collusion ?

Or  just  business  as  usual  at  the  gov-ment.


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#1) On November 02, 2012 at 2:27 PM, Melaschasm (71.24) wrote:

Everyone hates congress, but a big majority love their congressperson.  As long as that axiom remains true, incumbents will remain safe.

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