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StudentJack (27.45)

Wow. #2 in one game... drop 130pts in another!



August 15, 2007 – Comments (0)

This has been such a wild week for me both in the game and in my real portfolio. It's funny, I actually decided to start investing again, after about 10 years off, the very day the market broke 14,000 for the first time! I guess this recent meltdown trend is my fault. :)

I am in 2nd for the Summer Foolery contest and making up small gains daily against #1. Still have 80 pts or so, we'll see what happens!

I dropped from around 5th in the Wii contest to 25th while losing around 130pts in a single day! Biggest drop by any player. I definitely played this second game a bit more bullish thinking some things would start to turn around. Probably a mistake since my investment banker friends say... THE SKY IS FALLING. RUN AWAY!

I need to get more information!



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